$500 Challenge – Progress Report 6

Well, time for another progress report. Unfortunately I will not quite make my goal of $500 by September 30th. That said, I was able to save extra allowance beyond my initial $500 already saved, so I may actually have just enough by Sept 30th to fund my Questrade account. Hurray! Continue reading “$500 Challenge – Progress Report 6”

Months 10 & 11 FIRE Report – July and August 2019

11 months? REALLY? Wowza. In many ways I feel I’ve not done enough. In other ways I feel I’ve done so much more than I would have without a significant change in my mindset 11 months ago. I don’t know which one outweighs the other. Perhaps that isn’t important at all. However, I am definitely going to reflect on this as the first year of attempting FI/RE comes to a close. Welcome to the monthly FIRE report. Continue reading “Months 10 & 11 FIRE Report – July and August 2019”

$500 Challenge – Progress Report 5

Well hello! It’s been almost a full month since my last progress report on August 9th. I figured it’s high time for an update on my $500 challenge! Besides, it’s hurricane level rain outside at the moment, what else am I going to do? Continue reading “$500 Challenge – Progress Report 5”

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