Weekly FIRE Report – Feb 11 AND Feb 18!

Ok ok, I’m only 4 weeks in and I’ve already skipped a week since I started doing the WEEKLY FIRE REPORT. That said, last week WAS a whirlwind of activity! Continue reading “Weekly FIRE Report – Feb 11 AND Feb 18!”

Net Worth Update

I randomly found a report in YNAB that tells you your improvement in net worth over time (not just current net worth). Since I began my FIRE journey in October 2018, our net worth has increased by 8.4%! Fab! I am kind of surprised but also thrilled. Continue reading “Net Worth Update”

PayTM Canada App Review – 2019

Since I started working towards achieving FIRE, I’ve been looking for ways to increase our income, even in small increments. These add up you know! In October, I signed up for a service called PayTM Canada. I’ve been wanting to do a review of the app as it seems not many people are using it yet, but I also wanted to get a few months of usage under my belt to provide a true picture of the experience. Continue reading “PayTM Canada App Review – 2019”

Weekly FIRE Report – Feb 4, 2019

Welcome to the T on FIRE weekly FIRE report!

Silver pen on daytimer
The traditional weekly report image.

Sadly, our local FI/RE mastermind meeting was postponed. I’ll be sure to post an update once a new date is determined. On to this week’s activities. Continue reading “Weekly FIRE Report – Feb 4, 2019”

Month 4 of FIRE – Status Report

Since I didn’t post a for December (not a great month, financially-speaking), I’m getting back on the bandwagon of monthly recaps in my efforts to achieve FIRE! Here are the stats for January 2019 FIRE – Month 4. Eventually I want to get to a point where I can accurately predict when I can be FI. That said, until I get expenses completely under control, Hubs on board, and a clear, shared direction for the future, I don’t feel comfortable saying I can be FI in X number of years. That will be a goal for end of 2019. Continue reading “Month 4 of FIRE – Status Report”

Fire Activities – Week of Jan 28, 2019

As discussed in┬álast week’s┬áreport, I’m posting weekly FIRE activities, no matter how unimpressive, to keep myself accountable. It’s KIND of working. I really need to step up my game and make these activities a priority. On to the excitement! Continue reading “Fire Activities – Week of Jan 28, 2019”

Cheapo Recipe of the Week review – Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

When I read various blogs/articles/rando Facebook comments on how to save money on your food budget, the same money saving tip just keeps rearing it’s oaty head – oatmeal. Continue reading “Cheapo Recipe of the Week review – Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal”

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