Fire activities – Week of Jan 21 2019


I thought it would help me with accountability if I posted weekly Fire activities. Here’s the details for last week! It will be a short post, but I’m going to try to do SOMETHING every week, so this is a great way to motivate myself (even something small that I do Sunday night at 11pm because I know I need to blog about it!) Continue reading “Fire activities – Week of Jan 21 2019”

How to get out of debt as fast as possible in 5 not-super-easy steps – with free printable!

I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on how to get out of debt as fast as possible since I realize this is an important step in getting to FIRE. Debt payments are currently eating up a significant amount of our budget, and I really want that money to be going into savings and investments! Continue reading “How to get out of debt as fast as possible in 5 not-super-easy steps – with free printable!”

Writer’s block, and budget recipe of the week

Well friends, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m having writer’s block since the holidays. Was it the departure from the routine of regular blogging? Was it the booze that fried my remaining brain cells? Who knows. I just know that I have it now and it’s preventing me from writing anything riveting/purposeful/helpful/productive. To avoid slacking on my delivery of blog posts, here is my budget recipe for the week!  Continue reading “Writer’s block, and budget recipe of the week”

Status of challenges

I haven’t had much time to blog lately. Someone said, it’s better to blog short and often, then long and never. So here’s a status update on how my challenges are going! Have you signed up for any New Year challenges? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! Continue reading “Status of challenges”

2019 – The Year of Confusion

So far this month, I’ve done some seemingly productive things, however I’m feeling REALLY disorganized and confused about priorities! In my drive to become a perfect individual, I signed up for the following challenges in December: Continue reading “2019 – The Year of Confusion”

New Year, New me? Not exactly.

In life, I haven’t had a large amount of staying power. Especially for long term efforts. It took me an extra year to get my Bachelor degree because I slacked off. I was a girl guide and went right to the end, but didn’t bother to get my final certificate/rope/badge thing. I have a habit of starting, but not finishing, various types of projects. Continue reading “New Year, New me? Not exactly.”

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