2019 – The Year of Confusion

So far this month, I’ve done some seemingly productive things, however I’m feeling REALLY disorganized and confused about priorities! In my drive to become a perfect individual, I signed up for the following challenges in December:

  • Declutter like a Mother challenge – going PRETTY well. I finished bathrooms and some closets…I’ve filled at least one full box of donations and garbage. Basically it’s 30 minutes a day focusing on different areas of your home each week. Focus is on doing, vs thinking about doing, which I have a major issue with.
  • Frugalwoods Uber Frugal Month challenge – going very badly. I’m maybe still on day 2, and the emails are piling up.
  • 7 day Sugar Detox challenge – Fact is, I gained 14 lbs since an expensive foodie trip to Italy last May. Sooo this needs to happen. It’s going pretty well. To be fair, it’s been less than 48 hours since the challenge started.
  • Afford Anything One Tweak a Week Challenge – going well. Having one action item a week is actually pretty manageable….so far.

I very nearly signed up for a yoga challenge. Then realized, hey! If I can’t handle 4 challenges at once, maybe I can’t handle 5 either.

Additional pressures I’ve put on myself are a large list of problems that I want to fix this year, inspired by this guy, David Goggins. My buddy sent me this video after watching it and feeling totally motivated. I’m always one to enjoy a motivational speech, so I gave it a shot. My life has been quite a bit easier than his, but he has accomplished so much. I figure I can target my issues just like David, and make the change. Things like, taking care of my body. Spending more time with loved ones. Being a better parent. Paying off debt. Start a side hustle. Contribute more to society. Take courses to better my education and  maintain my professional certification. Yada yada.

I also have a list of vacations that we want to take this year after discussing with Hubs, along with some important yard work that needs to be done, and I’m trying to fit all that shit in the budget for 2019.

Feeling overwhelmed at this point. I think I need to take a step back, make a giant-ass list, prioritize the crap out of that, and start scheduling realistic blocks of time to make things happen. Hopefully your 2019 is going a bit more smoothly than mine in terms of your priorities. The fact is I’m so very fortunate to live where I live, have the people around me that I have, and be gainfully employed, and these are all first world problems. I’ll post an update soon detailing my future plan and HOW THE HECK I’m going to fit FIRE activities (in addition to those things listed above) into all of this. Peace!

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