100th Blog Post!

Welcome to my 100th blog post. WOOHOO!

I felt like this momentous occasion should be recognized somehow. Not just a boring FI/RE report, or a “yada yada, T blabbing on” post, or a well-crafted analysis of some app or product.

That begs the question, what SHOULD the 100th post be about? Well,I’m not too sure, but I’m just going to make up some stuff and see how that goes.

    1. Being Thankful.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who followed my blog for the last 99 (+/-) posts, and for commenting. I love to read and respond to comments! I also love to write comments, but I don’t always find the time, which is why I’m EXTRA appreciative when people do. Once, I commented TWICE on someone’s blog, who I kinda knew personally, and they did not respond or even give me the time of day! I was turned off in a big way. This was not a “thousands of followers” blog post, where you couldn’t keep up with the comments. I feel personally shunned. See how I turned “Being Thankful” into “Reliving painful blog commenting experiences?” You’re welcome.

2. Reflecting on how far I’ve come, and where I’d like to go from here.

I’ve experienced dramatic increases in my financial stability, an increased net worth, started investing my own money at Questrade, drastically decreased debt, and an increased savings rate. I love that it’s all very quantifiable now. Before I started this journey, I wasn’t tracking any of that…at least not well.

Going forward, I’d like to add a significant decrease in expenses and an increase in income over the next 100 posts.

I’m sensing this is becoming one of those T on FI/RE yada yada posts. But I digress.

3. Enjoying my NEW FI/RE FRIENDS.

Yeah, that’s right. I have friends. It may seem difficult to believe, but I have had an opportunity to (virtually) meet some wonderful people since I started this blog. If it were not for the blog, I definitely would not have made so many awesome connections, both across Canada and from around the globe. I think this might be the best part. There’s something so comforting in knowing that there are others who think like me and are striving for similar goals. Even if I’m not meeting these individuals in person, I still know they are OUT THERE and FI/RE-ing, and I’ve learned so much from them already. When I started the blog, I was a legitimate FI/RE newb. Maybe some day, I’ll get around to attending or organizing a FI/RE meetup.

Hmmmmm…..WHAT ELSE?

There are many many other benefits the blog has given me that I should probably talk about – WordPress skills (WOOHOO), laser-focus on my finances, a better understanding of SEO (kidding, I really still have no fucking clue), a diversion from housework, a creative outlet for goofiness, a place to document my silly challenges to keep me motivated, and so on. This yada yada session could go on for days. So it’s best I just stop here and now and say thank you again for reading my 100th blog post, and I hope that at least 1 person in the world learned something positive or was slightly inspired to improve their finances over the past 2 years. Peace.

6 Replies to “100th Blog Post!”

  1. Hahaha, I love the SEO comment. Congrats on the 100 posts!! Unfortunately since the FI Garage website debacle of 2020 I have lost all previous comments, so I sincerely hope I wasn’t the one that shunned you!!

    I agree that one of the best parts of this whole FIRE journey is the contacts and friends one meets from all walks of life and different places. We all learn so much more when we tap into the hive mind.

    Looking forward to another 100!

    1. I’m so sorry about your website debacle. I can totally see how that happens…I recently had to upgrade my PHP which I know nothing about. Thank goodness for good WordPress articles! It definitely wasn’t you, haha! Thank you for your support Money Mechanic, it is greatly appreciated 🙂

  2. Congratulations T! This is a momentous occasion! I feel the same about all the things you are grateful for, like learning WP skills and staying laser focused on your finances for example. And guess what? I sure did learn from you! You’re then one who encouraged me to try YNAB and use Nick True’s YouTube videos for guidance. I’ve been using YNAB for six months now and LOVE it. I am now a budgeting girl! So THANK YOU! Also totes agree on SEO, lol. Still trying to figure it out but if I can do YNAB I can do SEO… right?

    1. Hi Amelia, thank you so much for commenting! And, I’m SO glad that YNAB is working out for you. I’m 2 years in with YNAB and it is still one of my most impactful spends in that it continues to “change my life” in terms of money flow. I credit YNAB for allowing me to pay CASH for my new vehicle for the first time in my life! I am now poor. hahah. But YNAB will fix that 😉 I agree that if you can do YNAB you can do SEO. I just find it’s not quite as cut and dry. It’s a work in progress. I hope that YNAB continues to give you more financial flexiblity as you use it.

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